WELCOME to Butterfly Scrapper Designer!!!

I'm glad you are visiting my blog. It was created as a hobby only, thats why all files are free. I made it just to have somewhere to share files. Remember, some of these files were downloaded directly from the Web, some are my own creation, some have been edited and there are some others that had been created from zero using MAKE THE CUT software: the most versatile and friendly software you'll find.

It's amazing how easy it allows you to convert cliparts, pictures, graphic or vectors as an svg or mtc files ready to cut with your plotter.

If you don't find what you are looking for, just email me, or post a comment and if you subscribe or are a a follower of my page I'll send you, as a gift, 10 frebbie svg or mtc files. I'll give a list to help you choose. You also can send me by email any image you need to convert and I'll do it for you. I'll send you the file by email plus the tutorial of how to do it yourself!!!!



Tuesday, March 13, 2012