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I'm glad you are visiting my blog. It was created as a hobby only, thats why all files are free. I made it just to have somewhere to share files. Remember, some of these files were downloaded directly from the Web, some are my own creation, some have been edited and there are some others that had been created from zero using MAKE THE CUT software: the most versatile and friendly software you'll find.

It's amazing how easy it allows you to convert cliparts, pictures, graphic or vectors as an svg or mtc files ready to cut with your plotter.

If you don't find what you are looking for, just email me, or post a comment and if you subscribe or are a a follower of my page I'll send you, as a gift, 10 frebbie svg or mtc files. I'll give a list to help you choose. You also can send me by email any image you need to convert and I'll do it for you. I'll send you the file by email plus the tutorial of how to do it yourself!!!!



Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet 15 cake

Sweet 15 cake

palm trees

Palm trees


butterfly swirl


Devil Costum

Christmas tree

Mardigrass masks

Mario Bros

baby stuffs


Saturday, February 26, 2011

This file was created using make the cut, and as many other files can be edited to form a new one adding or changing words.  I used free files I found surfing the Web so I also give credit to those who originated some of the files used here.


Use Coupon MTC327 for $21.59 off regular price and get it for just $58.36.

Works with BossKut Gazelle™Supports HPGL machines with printer 
Support (Craft ROBO™, Silhouette™, etc)
Works with Black Cat Cougar/Lynx series
Works with USCutter MH/LaserPoint seriesWorks with CraftWell's eCraft (in BETA)
Full WYSIWYG Printer Support for Print-and-Cut!WYSIWYG Interface [image]
Preview/Import Any SVG, TTF, OTF, PDF or SCUT File [image]
Export shapes in PDF, SVG, EPS, AI and PNG formats
Integrated SVG Gallery with over 2000 files and growing!
Work on Multiple Projects at a TimeChoose From 3 Standard Mat Sizes [image]
Use Any Installed Font or Import TTF/OTF Files [image]
Convert Raster (PNG, GIF, JPG, etc.) Images to Cuttables [example]
Easily Create Lattices [image]
Break/Split/Layer Shapes and Edit Them [image]
Weld/Join Shapes Together [image]
Place text and/or objects on Bezier paths [image]
Create custom background shadows from any shape [image]
Cut, Copy and Paste Shapes with Inkscape and Illustrator!And Much, Much More!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


click LAMB to download


This file can be use with Make The Cut software or any other svg reader.  Actually, Make the Cut is the 
most versatile software I had used.  It allows you to edit files. You also can create any shape, swirls,  from zero.  You can save images as .png, .svg or .mtc.  But the most spectacular creation can be made from a picture of your own, even your kids or DH.

Click on RABBIT WITH CARROT to download svg file.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hanging heart frame

This frame was a creation using MTC and a clipart I found in the Web.  As you can see this program allows you to make wonderful creations with a little of effort and knowledge. If you like it, just click here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

heart picture frame

Butterfly Scrapper & Design: Sweet 15 scrapbook

All these files were created using MTC program which is spectacular, friendly and versatile.  You'll really have fun working on it! You can save the files as svg, png, jpg and or mtc format.  
For these files I used textured cardstock, not expensive one, some heart stones, ink, stamps and markers.
This was a very tough job to do but at least I finished.  I show them on colors to make more easy to imagine how it will look after cut.  You also can edit any free file you find.  These files are not for sale, just to watch and ideas since the whole creations was not my own, even when I made almost all I used some parts of files I found.  Soon I'll be posting some other files.  Want any?, email me at the link below.

picture frame

heart picture frame
Birthday cake

hearts tree

Sweet 15 scrapbook

During the past weeks I've been working on a presentation for a cousin who will be 15 soon. Here are some of the creations I made for her.

Fashion Girl

Fashion Girl
Fashion Girl Birthday Invitation Card

Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene

Girl Duties

Girl Duties

Tres Reyes Magos

Tres Reyes Magos



Wise Men Card 2

Wise Men Card 2
Wise Men 2